I once read an article by Michael Bywater in the Independent on Sunday in the mid-nineties that has stuck with me to this date.

Lobsters, apparently, have no feeling of real temperature. They spend their lives drifting the ocean currents, feeling changes in temperature but not the actual temperature.

If this is true, what has it got to do with anything?

Well, using this shaky theory, Michael suggested that the way to cook a lobster humanely is pop him in a pot of cool water and turn on the gas. This way, the lobster says ‘hmm… it is getting warmer in here, then after a few minutes, hmm.. it is getting warmer in here’ – and then eventually boils to death.

The point being that the lobster can only feel changes in temperature not the actual temperature.

In his article Michael suggested people often have the same view when it comes to viewing their own life. They view their situation, their successes and their journey and compare it to yesterday, or last week, and not objectively. Reality is in the eye of the beholder after all.

I believe it’s really useful to step back, and look at your life as you might have seen it a year ago, 5 years ago, ten years ago, then you might think, wow! I’m doing great! I used to dream of the life I have now.

I’m all for stretching yourself and setting worthwhile goals, but I think it helps to take stock and be grateful for what you have now and again, to get yourself grounded.

What do you think?

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