A three-hour workday because of AI

In the 1930s, the economist John Maynard Keynes suggested that in a hundred years’ time, we’d all be working 15-hour work weeks or a 3-hour workday because of advances in productivity. Keynes predicted that we’d all have a lot more leisure time due to our material needs being met. Interestingly, he also referred to the “Man’s dilemma” of knowing what […]
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How to harness true inner direction and ignore ego-driven goals

Ego driven goals
In a previous post, I mentioned how a person’s occupation can be a job, career, or calling. In summary, I said that a job is something you do for money, a career offers recognition and progress, and a calling involves a strong sense of purpose, it lights you up. Read more about the three types here: Within these three […]
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